Saturday, March 5, 2011

Thoughts After Zumba

So we have finally found ourselves in the month of March. It's about time! This is the month that I find out if any of the schools I've applied to think I'm graduate student material. I am bouncing off the walls inside my head, there is literally a tiny me in there pinging from one side to the other going crazy waiting to hear if she's been accepted. Will life lead me to Oregon? To Colorado? As long as one of them decides to throw me a bone, I'm set. If they both do (this is the cocky side of me talking here, better to ignore that one) then I'm screwed because I have no idea how to choose between the two. I talked to a professor at Eugene who got me all jazzed to go there and I have a phone appointment I set up with a prof in Boulder on Monday and, unless he's a jerk or he thinks I'm a tool, then I potentially will be even less capable of making a decision.

Journalism. That's what I might be neck deep in (as if I've not already thrown myself gleefully into it already... for the next two years and, if things go in any way at all in the general direction I keep daydreaming about, I'll be in it for the long run! Yipes! It's so exciting and yet it's something so different and twisty turny and crazy insano!

Look at her, scribbling away notes as Jane Goodall a real journalist! 2003.

I just got out of zumba earlier (pretending like I know even remotely what I'm doing in a room full of gyrating hips..) I got to talking to this lady who teaches spanish and when I told her my "life direction" her response was "ohh, that's a hard field"..yea, not the first time I've heard that. Buuuut that's the thing, yea things are changing and print media is a shrinking industry but that's why it's the newbies like us who have a knack for the internet (haha,!?) are coming into the field at a "very exciting" time. I'm sad and totally understand how the print journalists scorn the media move to the internet but it's obviously a tsunami that cannot be stopped. It is taking over and if you don't change where you are, you're liable to get swept away.

Nonetheless, I'm nervous!! Yea, going for the grad degree will be a leg up, I just hope that I can maybe get some experience in a structured environment (maybe a magazine that does both online and print..?) for a few years and then go solo, freelance style. If I can support myself as a successful freelancer, I think that might be pretty darn great. Not easy, but great.


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