Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The InBetween

Now that I've made it this far, twenty three years and some odd months to be exact, I have finally been reduced to finally suck it up and get my flippin drivers license. I admit, there was a fair amount of kicking and screaming along the way, but somehow I managed it. Now I can say I am an adequately licensed, driving member of society. Watch the freak out.

And what, you ask, spurred me to accomplish such a feat? Well, it was a bird job. 'Course. I'm headed out west to work with burrowing owls. These are small owls with hilariously long legs. They have these because they hang out in the grassy plains and therefore are able to have a slightly higher vantage point. So this job requires a license. And I will now boast...because I got the job BEFORE ever laying hands on that shiny new license with the Maryland crab emblem!! I could either attest this to the fact that my credentials were undeniably spectacular and she had no other choice but to cut her losses and throw me on board, or to the possibility that the competition was slim to none.

Either way, I got the job and I'm headed in a westerly direction in t-minus 12 days. Lance got the position too, a lucky man, as we was able to evade the added (and I mean ADDED) stress of having to acquire a bloody drivers license. Water under the bridge now, water under the bridge. But let me repeat...watch the freak out.

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