Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bring on the Laughing Gas

This morning I was getting ready to drive myself to my dentist appointment when I started sensing that old familiar feeling bubbling up in my brain!

I was looking in the mirror when I started to noticed the sparkly scribbles obscuring part of my peripheral vision. This folks, is my classic warning to get ready for some nasueating, skull-boring pain starting out piercing and ending blinding! I've had enough migraines in the past to yield full recognition and immediate action with now only a defeated sigh or a muttered explicative. The first time it happened, however, warranted a trip to the emergency room back when I was in middle school. My mom thought it was a stroke when her daughter started slurring her words and couldn't coherently read the newspaper comics out loud. Today though I calmly rifled through through the clutter of my room seeking out the migraine pill stash that I prayed hadn't been a figment of my imagination. I found them and popped two amphetamine-jacked green and white gel tabs and amused myself for a moment as I tried to catch my eye up with the spot of shimmering nothing-ness that jumped around my field of view, always just out of reach. The pain hadn't hit yet but my digestive tract was beginning to regret my morning yogurt and granola. I calculated the amount of time I had until I needed to drive my mom's stick shift to my appointment and decided that the blindness should be ending within the next twenty minutes and the onslaught of pain should be dampered, though slightly, enough to allow me to drive with my faculties more or less functioning. I made it without a hitch but was soon cursing myself as I laid in the dentist chair listening to, for a good ten minutes of blinding migraine agony, what a bad decision it is to not following a regular flossing regime. Lady, I could not giving a damn about what I might be allowing to proliferate in the dark crevices between my teeth and the shame of it all, now either hit me over the head unconscious with that blaring light you have penetrating my brain and igniting the depths of this excruciating pain rising up within me or bring on the laughing gas, stat.


  1. i can sympathize both with the migraine and being strapped in that chair and being lectured by those Steels about flossing!

  2. I love it! I've never had a migraine, but I well remember Granny taking to her bed for three days every so often.

    Keep up the writing, I love your work.


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