Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Graffiti on Trees

If I follow my mind's path, it will take me into oblivion. I'm following it now because I can't sleep. Writing shall be my outlet. When you're walking through the forest, passing birch trees with their smooth trunks marred by engraved initials encircled by hearts, what can you do but wonder? When you lay down to sleep and can't stop the endless whir of thoughts passing across your consciousness, what can you do but get up, run downstairs, grab your computer, grab some pretzels and start loudly crunching while tapping away? I can already feel my eyes drying out, the dull ache through my temples from staring at the screen. Where will writing get me? Who knows but I really just spent the past half hour trying to draw a beech tree trunk. I didn't even get to the graffiti yet and I'm already disgusted with it. Okay, well another hour and a half later and I sorta got what I was going for. So here it is...

I think I'll be able to sleep now...

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