Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hullo again. Okay so I haven't been as great at keeping up with this blog like I wanted to but I blame it on the fact that my classes really started kicking into gear, workwise, after posting the first one of this "series".

BUT I haven't not been writing. I'm actually pretty pleased because one of my classes is Intro to Journalism. My teacher advised anyone who wanted to be a journalist to start getting things published, ASAP, because that is what truly will make you look good to future employers: a portfolio. So, I joined the college newspaper...officially! I filled out the online application, sent it in, was "accepted" and attended my first official newspaper staff meeting, a-hohoho! Well, ignore that last little bit of bragging in the form of stupid obnoxious laughter because here's what my application looked like in the "prior experience" section..

1. High school newspaper-NONE
2. High school yearbook-NONE
3. High school news Website-NONE
4. High school broadcasting-NONE
5. College newspaper-Yours! Last month you published my review of a little park where you can walk around the pretty lake and see nature!! ( there pity in your eyes?)
6. College yearbook-NONE
7. College news Website-NONE
8. College broadcasting-NONE

...they must've been pretty desperate...

Well, nonetheless, I'm on the paper! What's more, I get to use my own idea for my next article! I'm going to write about my travels to the spanish school in a small town in Nicaragua where I got a lesson in history that painted my entire view of that community. I was really taken aback by what I learned about this strong, beautiful, dedicated group of people. What did I learn? Well you're going to just have to wait til it's published!

So I'm starting to think that my adult life (assuming I ever become an adult..) as a writer (assuming I ever become a writer...) will consist of many hours in front of the computer (obviously), resulting in a frightening sight. See, when I look at a computer screen for more than an hour or so, my eyes become a disturbing shade of red. These shots of blood running across the whites of my eyes are there, not just for a couple hours but rather for a good 12 HOURS. I guess I just don't blink when I'm staring at the screen. So picture me in the future, working away in my dark, damp cave with eyes gleaming of blood. You might offer eye drops if you're brave enough to come close, or suggest a good night's rest, but these do nothing to combat the intrusion of bulging, bursting veins. Well, another reason to embrace my introvertedness!

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  1. You will always be known to me as the adventurous writer who fleshed out the torrid tale of Rumple-foreskin. So there's something....


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