Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Climbing Trees and Hiking Hills

Well let’s see, I don’t know if I can really remember all that’s gone on in the past five days, but I do know Friday involved a picnic up in Hendrick’s Park (there’s this grassy lawn that is surrounded by rhododendrons, shaded by tall beautiful evergreen, nothing could be more perfect) and my second day at work. The kitchen was about as busy as my first day (a week ago) so I was able to start feeling comfortable knowing what to do (something, anything, all the time!). I met the other “new girl” whose name is Laura. We got along super well and ended up talking while we ate our glorious meals at the end of the shift. Since neither of us had anything to do that night we went along Willamette to find somethin’ happenin’.

We actually heard live music and rode our bikes in that direction, discovering Holy Cow, a small restaurant with a colorful patio and a band in full swing. We got drinks there and enjoyed the music, a local Eugene group who played that night for their dinner!

I took so many pics of my hike that I couldn't fit them all below   
Afterwards we found a restaurant next door with a nice bar and really friendly staff. We ended up hanging with those who’d just finished up their shift, they were a fun bunch and I learned that they have this crazy bike group that I should check out.

On Saturday it was rainy and Laura and I rode down to Morning Glory Café to meet my friend Damien for brunch. It was a busy but really great breakfast spot. They had some great vegetarian (sorry, ovo-lacto-pescatarian) options and I enjoyed introducing my new friend. I was pleased Laura agreed to ride down so I could get the real ‘riding in the rain’ feel…I try to jump on that opportunity anytime I get it! We were soaked but no worse for wear.

Afterwards, Damien and I climbed Skinner’s Butte and sat up in his perfect climbing tree. It was misting but really nice out. We decided after awhile of talking to go to a bookstore where we grabbed coffee and looked at coffee table books. We learned about space and the solar system as we slowly dried off. We finished the day by going to a cheap movie and riding home to a really pretty sunset.

On Sunday, Cathy and I met our Eugene Hiker’s meetup group and we carpooled about 2hrs northwest of here for a hike up Mt. Hebo. The day was gray but the lush greenery of the forest understory was bright and rich. The hike lasted several hours and wasn’t very taxing. I enjoyed getting to know some Eugeners who like to hike, it was a group of about 9 or 10 of us. At the peak, we munched on our snacks and our trip leader Chad handed out pieces of chocolate. The sun broke through for a moment and we even got to see down into the valley from whence we just came (or so I assume).

We drove to Pacific City which is, as you might imagine, right on the Pacific! There’s a nice pub with a patio that ends in the sand so, after I ordered my drink, I threw off my muddy shoes and ran across the expansive strip of beach to the water. It was crisp and I ran along the shore to the sandstone cliffs, looking out at the massive rock that busted out of the sea around which tiny pinpoints that were seabirds rode the air currents and came to rest at one of the many nests on the rock face. I couldn’t see it too well but memories of working with Andrew off the coast of Washington were vivid.
The dinner was great (salmon had to be involved, of course) and we enjoyed each other’s company while overlooking the great Pacific Ocean.
Cathy and Me!


  1. sounds like life is good...you go girl for hooking up with all these active, interesting people...you are living life to the fullest and i couldn't be prouder of you!
    love love love,
    yr mom

  2. rad! So was mt. hebo truly "challenging" and did the person with broken ribs make it up? It looks like it was fantastic. I hope to go to your next meetup! That pic of you and your new roomie is super cute


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