Friday, June 3, 2011

A Eugene Kind of Life

So here I am, sitting at my small wooden desk and feeling comfortable in my snazzy office chair that I adjusted to custom-fit my stature. There is crashing outside of my closed door; shut to keep out the wild cats tearing through the house. Boscoe and William are their names; two long-haired Persians which fit better in the category of feral over domestic.

My huge sliding glass window looks out to the deck, with a fresh sheen of newly fallen rain. The droop-branched fir trees tower high enough that I cannot see their tops. It is cool and cloudy. Spencer’s Butte, a nearby 2000ft mountain is half within my view and tumultuous clouds of gleaming whites and grays contrast against the darker more ominous rain-bearers.

The neighborhood is charming and quiet. I can hear cars on Amazon Rd, but they are far enough to not be an annoyance. My room is large and cream colored. Cathy made the curtains which are cheery with designs of colorful birds and flowers.

I finally feel somewhat settled. My clothes are all put away and my various things somewhat organized. I have a long, shallow closet which hides my clothes dresser. I stow my tupperwares there so my room is left spacious. The wooden floor may need a rug, but for now I am content with my slippers. The bed is large and comfortable and was even already bedecked with a large feather comforter, sheets and pillows.

I went jogging along the 3 1/2 mile Rexius Trail which is about a block away and loops from the top (or "headwaters") of Amazon Creek down towards town. It is a mulch trail which cushions the crunching noise my knee likes to make. The trail has East and West Amazon Roads running alongside it so you're not off in the midst of nature, but it was a great way to see the neighborhood and the many joggers/bikers/walkers of the area. 

My hope is to join in on the Eugene Audubon Club birdwalk this weekend so I can see some nature and meet some birding buds!

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